Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Seductive Elegant Dress
Item code: SE 001 (Brown)
Item code: SE 002 (Yellow)
Item code: SE 003 (Black)

Item code: SE 004 (Purple)
A dress that can shows your curves well
Be a limelight in dinners and parties
Colour availability:
Brown - SOLD
Yellow - SOLD
Black - SOLD
* Purple - AVAILABLE *
RM 49.90
*While stocks last*

Vintage Flower Belt
Vintage fashion lover?
Angelic Dresser has just got the right thing to add into your closet
Item code: VF001 (White) - SOLD
VF002 (Brown) - Pending
* VF003 (Grey) - AVAILABLE *
VF002 (Black) - SOLD
RM 25
*While stocks last*
Vintage Phoenix Belt
Match your dress and blouse with our classic vintage phoenix belt
chic and fashionable
Item code: VP001 (Brown) - SOLD
VP002 (Grey) - Pending
VP003(Black) - SOLD
RM 29.90
*While stocks last*

Summer Floral
Item code: SF001 (Pink) - SOLD
* Item code: SF002 (Orange) - AVAILABLE *
* Item code: SF003 (Red) - AVAILABLE *
Wanna have a summer look?
Here's a dress that suites you best!
RM 38
*While stocks last*

Vintage Floral Dress

* Item code: VD001 (Pink) - AVAILABLE *

* Item code: VD002 (Brown) - AVAILABLE *

Floral Dress that gives yourself a sweet and adorable look
Best matched with our vintage flower belt
Belts illustrated not included
Vintage Floral Dress - RM 42
Vintage Flower Belt - RM 25
*While stocks last*

Bow Tube Dress

* Item code: BD001 (Black) - AVAILABLE *

* Item code: BD 002 (Red) - AVAILABLE *

* Item code: BD003 (Grey) - AVAILABLE *

Dress with a bow that gives an elegant look
Good choice for dinners and parties
Best matched with our phoenix vintage belts

RM 39.90

*While stocks last*

Butterfly Sleeves Blouse

Item code: WB001

A sophiscated look with just a simple white blouse
Best matched with our phoenix vintage belt
White Blouse - RM 34
Brown phoenix vintage belt - RM 29.90
Black shorts is for illustration purposes only

*Last Piece*
*While stock last*

Miss Polka-dots

Item code: PD001
Free Size
RM 28
*Last Piece*
Multi-stripes Dress
Item code: MS001
Free Size
RM 32
*Last Piece*

Petite Checkers Skirt

Item code: GS001
Size: S
Colour available: Grey
RM 28

Stripes Cardigan

Item code : SC001
RM 25
*Last Piece*
*While Stock Last*